Citrix Hypervisor Subscription

Citrix Hypervisor Subscription

Simplify virtualization management across your environments

Citrix Hypervisor is a secure, open source virtualization platform that makes it easy to ensure a high-definition user experience while powering your most intensive workloads and securing your environment against advanced threats.

  • Overview and Benefits
  • Key Features and Editions
  • System Requirements
Overview and Benefits

Citrix Hypervisor is a complete server virtualization platform containing everything you need to create and manage a deployment of virtual x86 computers running on Xen, the open-source paravirtualizing hypervisor with near-native performance.

  • Virtualize desktops and servers to get the most out of your infrastructure.
  • Deliver high graphics workloads seamlessly with support from all three major GPU vendors: NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel.
  • Centralize management of virtual machines across your environment.
  • Implement robust security.
Key Features and Editions
System Requirements


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