Citrix ADC VPX

Accelerate and secure your application delivery across hybrid multi-cloud environments
Citrix ADC VPX
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Software Maintenance must be purchased with the first year’s perpetual product license. It is optional in future years. Software Maintenance entitles access to the latest product updates and access to 24x7x365, unlimited worldwide technical support for 12 months.

Why Buy?

Get the easy-to-install and simple-to-use virtual appliance that provides flexibility for running workloads on-premises and in public cloud. With Citrix ADC VPX, you can:

  • Accelerate the delivery of internal and external web applications
  • Optimize application availability through advanced L4-7 traffic management
  • Increase security with an integrated web application firewalls
  • Substantially reduce costs by increasing web server efficiency
  • Reduce TCO with an all-in-one virtual appliance that takes the load off over-burdened networks and servers
  • Optimize user experience by accelerating web application performance
  • Secure web applications by preventing attacks and protecting sensitive information from unauthorized access
  • Ensure application availability with advanced load-balancing capabilities that dynamically respond to changing workloads
  • Prevent public cloud lock-in

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Application availability
L4 load balancingfeatured productfeatured productfeatured product
L7 content switchingfeatured productfeatured productfeatured product
AppExpert rate controlsfeatured productfeatured productfeatured product
IPv6 supportfeatured productfeatured productfeatured product
Global server load balancing (GSLB)featured productfeatured product
Dynamic routing protocolsfeatured productfeatured product
Surge protectionfeatured productfeatured product
Priority queuingfeatured productfeatured product
Application acceleration
Client and server TCP optimizationsfeatured productfeatured productfeatured product
Citrix® AppCompress™ for HTTPfeatured productfeatured product
Citrix® AppCache™featured product
Citrix® Branch Repeater™ clientfeatured product
Application security
L4 DoS defensesfeatured productfeatured productfeatured product
HTTP/ URL rewritefeatured productfeatured productfeatured product
Citrix® Access Gateway™, EE SSL VPNfeatured productfeatured productfeatured product
L7 DoS defensesfeatured productfeatured product
AAA for traffic managementfeatured productfeatured product
Citrix® Application Firewall™ with XML securityfeatured product
Simple manageability
AppExpert visual policy builderfeatured productfeatured productfeatured product
AppExpert service calloutsfeatured productfeatured productfeatured product
AppExpert templatesfeatured productfeatured productfeatured product
AppExpert Visualizersfeatured productfeatured productfeatured product
Role-based administrationfeatured productfeatured productfeatured product
AAA for administrationfeatured productfeatured productfeatured product
Configuration wizardsfeatured productfeatured productfeatured product
Citrix Command Centerfeatured productfeatured productfeatured product
Citrix® EdgeSight® for NetScalerfeatured product
Web 2.0 Optimization
Rich Internet application supportfeatured productfeatured productfeatured product
XML XPath supportfeatured productfeatured productfeatured product
Advanced server offloadfeatured productfeatured productfeatured product
Lower TCO
TCP bufferingfeatured productfeatured productfeatured product
TCP multiplexingfeatured productfeatured productfeatured product
SSL offload and accelerationfeatured productfeatured productfeatured product
Cache redirectionfeatured productfeatured product
Features and Benefits



Lower TCO
  • TCP offload, buffering and session reuse to remove repetitive network and compute processing from the servers
  • SSL offload to offload expensive SSL processing from servers
  • In-memory content caching to store static and dynamic content, freeing servers from repeatedly generating the same content over and over
  • Multi-level content compression to reduce content on the wire by up to five times, minimizing bandwidth consumption and data congestion
  • Application acceleration
  • TCP optimizations to accelerate the performance of all TCP communications, especially over high-latency or highly congested network links
  • Multi-level content compression to reduce data prior to transmission to users, reducing the amount of data traversing the network and the number of network round trips
  • In-memory content caching to instantaneously serve frequently requested static and dynamic content
  • Application security
  • Citrix Application Firewall to protect HTML and XML web applications and services from both known and unknown application layer attacks
  • L4 DoS protection to help ensure applications stay up even in the face of highly sophisticated network-layer denial-of-service attacks
  • L7 DoS protection to help ensure applications stay up even in the face of highly sophisticated application-layer denial-of-service attacks
  • Content filtering and rewrite to improve security and simplify change management by controlling access, redirecting users and changing or obfuscating application responses
  • Application availability
  • L4 load balancing featuring comprehensive health checks, session persistence mechanisms and load balancing algorithms to ensure traffic is always sent to the most appropriate server
  • L7 content switching on any TCP header or payload value to direct traffic based upon application-level information, enabling further optimization of back-end resources
  • Global Server Load Balancing to enhance disaster recovery by transparently redirecting users to alternate data centers in the event of an outage or interruption
  • AppExpert rate controls to granularly dedicate resources to users, user groups, and specific applications by triggering NetScaler policies based either upon load from a requestor or to an application resource
  • All-in-one virtual appliance
  • Virtual appliance supports VMware ESX/ESXi, Citrix XenServer and Microsoft Hyper-V
  • AppExpert Visual Policy Builder to keep policy development simple and policies supportable by eliminating complex scripts or programs from all NetScaler policies
  • AppExpert service callouts for integrating logic in external applications within NetScaler policies, making NetScaler polices extremely extensible
  • AppExpert templates to encapsulate the entire NetScaler configuration necessary for today's complex web applications, simplifying initial rollout and streamlining management
  • Role-based administration to granularly segment administrative privilege
  • Configuration wizards for simplifying the setup of load balancing, GSLB, and using NetScaler for XenApp, XenDesktop and other key applications
    System Performance and Requirements
    HTTP throughput
    3 Gbps1
    1 Gbps
    200 Mbps
    10 Mbps
    SSL encrypted throughput
    1 Gbps
    1 Gbps
    200 Mbps
    10 Mbps
    HTTP compression throughput
    750 Mbps
    750 Mbps
    200 Mbps
    10 Mbps
    Application firewall throughput
    500 Mbps
    500 Mbps
    200 Mbps
    10 Mbps
    Max concurrent TCP connections2
    5 million
    5 million
    5 million
    5 million
    New SSL requests/second
    Max concurrent SSL VPN users3
    Minimum requirements per physical host4
    XenServer 5 Update 3 or later, VMWare ESX(i) 3.5 or above, Microsoft Hyper-V 2008 R2or later
    Quad core, Intel VTx
    5 GB
    Hard drive
    20 GB for initial VPX instance + minimum hypervisor server requirements
    Network Interface
    Hypervisor supported network interface card
    Minimum requirements for additional NetScaler VPX virtual machines6
    Dual core, Intel VTx
    4 GB
    Hard drive
    20 GB