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Why buy a license?
See below to learn about the added value of a licensed XenServer 7.0 product.

Why buy a license?

Get industry-leading virtualization management optimized for application, desktop and server virtualization infrastructures.

  • Secure your virtual infrastructure against advanced attacks and zero-day vunerabilities
  • Reduce operational overhead and downtime
  • Supports all three major GPU vendors — NVIDIA Virtual GPU, AMD MxGPU, and Intel GVT-g
  • Deep integration with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

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License Descriptions
Citrix XenServer is available as Standard or Enterprise editions based on a per socket licensing model, with on-premises subscription license (annual) or perpetual purchasing options.

On-premises Subscription (Annual) licenses: An annual license provides one year of guaranteed supportability of the latest stable XenServer release. Annual licenses include software maintenance, which gives customers access to 24x7 worldwide technical support as well as access to all updates and hotfixes via the XenCenter management console. New licenses must be purchased each year.

Perpetual licenses: A perpetual license provides guaranteed supportability and upgrade path for the entire lifecycle of the current major version XenServer. Perpetual license purchases require 1 year of software maintenance that gives customers access to 24x7 worldwide technical support as well as access to all updates and hotfixes via the XenCenter management console. Software maintenance agreements can be purchased and renewed after the first year.

Key Features

Citrix® XenServer® is an industry and value leading, open source virtualization platform for managing cloud, server and desktop virtual infrastructures and enabling a seamless path to the cloud. Key features include:

High performance virtualization platform
Leverage best-in-class technologies, including the Xen Project hypervisor, XenMotion live migration, Storage XenMotion, the XenCenter management console and XenServer Conversion Manager for VMware to XenServer conversions.

Citrix XenServer Standard Edition – Basic commercial virtualization platform

  • MCS-Accelerator / In-Memory Read Cache (for NFS arrays)
  • Full 64-bit kernel architecture
  • High Availability and Data Protection
  • Live VM Migration (XenMotion)
  • Live Storage Migration (Storage XenMotion)
  • Shared-Nothing Migrations
  • Distributed Virtual Switch Controller (DVSC)
  • GPU Pass-through (NVIDIA & AMD)
  • XenServer Health Check with available Citrix Insight Services (CIS) reporting

Citrix XenServer Enterprise Edition – Comprehensive server virtualization platform for data center and cloud infrastructure workloads

  • PVS-Accelerator
  • Live Patching
  • Automated Updates
  • Linux V2V Migration
  • Dynamic Resource Scheduling (Workload Balancing)
  • Hypervisor Measured Boot (Intel Trusted eXecution Technology (TXT))
  • vSphere Conversion Manager
  • NVIDIA GRID and Intel GVT-g GPU Virtualization

Infrastructure Supportability
XenServer host infrastructure support has been increased to 5TB host RAM; up to 288 physical CPUs; up to 1.5TB RAM and 255 VBDs per VM. Docker container and guest VM OS support now includes the Debian Jessie release. The XenServer Conversion Manager now enables migrations for all supported versions of VMware vSphere, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. Updates to Microsoft Active Directory integration enables better support for much larger, more complex Active Directory forests. UEFI boot support allows XenServer to keep pace with the currently available technology in today’s modern server hardware.

Networking & Storage Enhancements & Optimizations
With XenServer NFS v4 is now an accepted network attached file system protocol; enhancements to Open-FCoE HBA integration enables a lower cost fibre channel option by adding FCoE offload for NICs; and SMB support utilizes Microsoft Windows storage arrays for Storage Repositories

Next Generation Enhanced Graphics
XenServer extends its leadership and innovation in enhanced 3D graphics space with the introduction of new chipset integration: Intel GVT-g (GPU virtualization) support for Windows VMs; expanded NVIDIA GRID Maxwell-gen vGPU support for Windows and Linux VMs (up to 128 vGPU sessions per host, or 16 vGPU sessions (VMs) per GPU, 2 GPUs per card and 4 cards per host); and RHEL, CentOS, OEL & Ubuntu distributions support allows virtualized Linux workloads to now have the same enhanced 3D graphics capabilities as Microsoft Windows.

Datacenter automation suite
Automate key IT processes to improve service delivery and business continuity for virtual environments, resulting in both time and money savings while providing more responsive IT services. Capabilities include site recovery, high availability, and memory optimization.

High density cloud and desktop environment optimizations
Ensure the highest performance and data security, especially when integrated with other industry leading products including Citrix CloudPlatform and Citrix XenDesktop.

Advanced integration and management tools
Simplify operations with a complete suite of tools for role-based administration, performance reporting and integration with third-party storage.


Citrix is pleased you are considering Citrix XenServer to integrate, manage, and automate your organization's virtual datacenter.

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